Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Nasi Campur @ Liew Chai Vegetarian - Centre Point

A Nasi Campur that I know I'm not going to find any hidden 'extra parts' simply because it's all vegetarian!
Liew Chai Vegetarian is probably my second favourite place to eat at Centre Point's Food Court. With lots of curries, stir fries, and tofu dishes to choose from there's definitely no chance of accidently stumbling across, say liver, yuk yuk yuk!

Today's pick was a bit of a green bean feast! Stir fried green beans with some kind of mock meat, a really tasty omelette with sliced green beans and a wonderful creamy coconut curry of fried beancurd puffs and you guessed it, green beans! All on top of nasi putih alongside a small bowl of vegetable broth, washed down with chinese teh ping.

Liew Chai Vegetarian is located in Centre Point's basement Food Court occupying a corner lot near the middle.

The Bill : Nasi Campur, Chinese Teh Ping 5.50 MYR

In England great food and shopping malls are two things that don't go hand in hand. Not so, here in Malaysia and KK, it's often where some of the tastiest food is found at an affordable price. If veggies are your thing head to Liew Chai and fill your boots!

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