Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Mixed Fish Noodle Soup @ Madam Ing Fish Noodle - Towering

My second visit today to Madam Ing's, I had noticed on my last visit that a curry based soup was available, unfortunately not today! Oh well another excuse for a return visit, not that I, or you should need one! I opted for the milk base soup but I think I got the regular hamchoi with tomato and tofu, not that this was a real problem, I just fancied a different taste. Fresh fish slice and yi fu were my ingredients along with meehoon. The fish is very tasty here and most definitely fresh, I also love the yi fu or fried fish paste fritters, both are really delicious. The chilli sambal is worth a mention too as it's super fiery with a hint of citrus, handle with care!

Madam Ing's is located at Towering.

The Bill : 1x Mixed Fish Noodle Soup, 1x Teh C Ping = 11.50 MYR

A perfect start to the day @ Madam Ing's !

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Banana Leaf Meal @ K.Sanba's Curry Specials - Alamesra

I had a fantastic Banana Leaf Meal today at K.Sanba's Curry Specials. I opted for the chicken curry meal and everything tasted great, from the vegetable sides to the dhal and of course the curry itself. Portions were plentiful and staff were friendly and helpful, there's also the option of extra rice and sides!

K.Sanba's is located at Alamesra, on the way out to 1Borneo Hypermall.

The Bill : 1x Banana Leaf Meal, 1x Teh Tarik Ping = 13 MYR

They even ask if you want more @ K.Sanba's Curry Specials!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Local Food @ Ethnic Sabah - Grace Point Food Court

Dinner tonight was at a well visited destination for us, Grace Point Food Court, though it has to be said we feel the food quality has been a bit lacking lately and lets face it the drinks could be a whole lot better. Luckily tonight there were no such concerns as the Ethnic Sabah stall did us proud! I opted for the tried and tested Fried Fish Set, that now comes with a savoury sauce along with green beans fried with egg and what is possibly called nasi merah, a red coloured nutty rice. I believe this is quite a popular pick here.

The Little Nibbler plumped for the Ginger Chicken Set, plump being a good word to describe the chicken leg smothered in a ginger sauce accompanied with the same sides as the fish.

A dish of grilled aubergine with egg caught our eye, and this turned out to be a highlight and I'm sure a repeat order! I'm not exactly sure how it's made or how to describe it but it tasted wonderful and smoky, delicious!

Grace Point Food Court is located at Grace Garden.

The Bill : 1x Fried Fish Set, 1x Ginger Chicken Set, 1x Grilled Aubergine, 2x Ice Milo = 25 MYR

I can highly recommend Ethnic Sabah @ Grace Point Food Court!

Gun Ba @ Peppermint - Jalan Gaya

I think the Peppermint chain is now the only Vietnamese food outlet in KK, which is a shame, but on the plus side the food is very good! It was a hot day in the city today and I was contemplating sweating over my regular pick of raw beef pho when Gun Ba caught my eye. Gun Ba or cold chicken noodles is basically a kind of Vietnamese salad. Cold rice noodles topped with shredded carrot, cucumber and beansprouts, a piece of marinated, fried, boneless chicken with hints of lovely lemongrass and a tasty spring roll. This comes with a dressing of sweet chilli sauce mixed with fish sauce, I added some of this along with some extra soy and chilli sauce. In my opinion some lime juice and fresh herbs would have made this so much better, none the less it was still pretty good and a perfect light lunch on a very hot day!

Peppermint is easily located along Jalan Gaya. It's also a great place to sit and watch the world go by!


The Bill : 1x Gun Ba, 1x Ice Lemon Tea = 12 MYR

For a taste of Vietnam in Borneo, head to Peppermint!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tom Yam @ Top 1 - HSK Industrial Centre

 I'm always on the look out for new places and areas to eat, on one of my search missions recently I came across Top 1 which at the time was very busy indeed, I vowed to return, so here I am, breakfasting on spicy Tom Yam. It's a very tasty Tom Yam @ Top 1 and the seafood, fish and prawns were very fresh and delicious, as I'm a lover of spicy food I'll most definitely be returning to sample their seafood curry mee! As well as mee hoon soups, which are numerous there's also a wide range of other dishes to choose from.

Top 1 is located at HSK Industrial Centre just off the Bundusan Road, it has some very eye catching signs above the entrances so it's very easy to find.

The Bill : 1x Tom Yam, 1x Teh C Ping = 10 MYR

I'm very impressed with Top 1, I'll be returning with The Nibbler!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Burgers @ BURGERBAR.co - Lintas Plaza

There's been some changes down at Party Play @ Lintas with the opening up of 2 new ventures, tonight's venue, BURGERBAR.co and the soon to be visited Signature. KK's burger scene has just got considerably bigger and dare I say it better! Quality out ways quantity here and all ingredients were top notch in the two burgers we tasted. My pick was the restaurants recommended 'must try' Swiss Mushroom, Mmmm reminds me of a burger available from a well known chain, I know where I prefer to eat! Firstly the beef patty was meaty, tasty and juicy, just how a well cooked burger should be, topped with fried mushrooms and onions and of course Swiss cheese, and let's not forget salad and mayo - take that Burglar King!!!

The Little Nibbler opted for a pork burger with the French Connection, another well cooked, tasty meat patty with added bacon, tomato, caramelized onions and brie cheese again with the added mayo and salad. We exchanged bites and let me tell you this is one tasty burger! We both opted for the added fries and bottomless sot drink option at 7 MYR. With so many tasty looking burger concoctions available it's going to be hard to stay away!

BURGERBAR.co is located on one side of Party Play @ Lintas Plaza.

Colourful inside eating area - honestly!

Alfresco dining available.

The Bill : 2x Burger, 2x Fries/Soft Drink = 44.50 MYR

I'm really looking forward to working my way through the menu @ BURGERBAR.co!

Bella's Breakfast @ Bella - Jalan Gaya

Breakfast @ Bella? Not everyone's first go to breakfast destination, certainly not mine, but if the breakfast set is going to continue then it may well be a regular spot for me. My pick of asam pedas beef mee goreng was top notch! The noodles were cooked perfectly with egg, spring onion and green veggie and the slightly spicy topping of beef  with hints of lemongrass was delicious! I truly enjoyed my breakfast this morning, the set also comes with tea or coffee, a great start to the day! Along with the 6 dollar set menu there's also another menu available with some western breakfasts and yummy looking pancakes.

Bella is a landmark along Jalan Gaya.

The Bill : Bella's Breakfast = 6.95 MYR

Breakfast @ Bella's now there's a turn up!